Comprehensive Zombie Insurance


Alright! Let’s get this over with!

Q: Is Zombiesurance for real or what?

A: Zombiesurance is real, but our policies are strictly for entertainment and bragging rights only. In technical terms, no it’s not really actual insurance. But… well, zombies don’t technically exist either… (SHHHH!!!)


Q: OK, so then how does it work? What am I buying here?

A: Well we have structured our business the same way an actual insurance company would in order to give you the best experience and we have taken the time to create the best and most comprehensive policies for what otherwise would be the Zombie Apocalypse. You buy a “one year” policy that covers certain items and circumstances and you get a policy document, 2 wallet size cards, and a wall certificate all for your bragging rights. It’s a pretty sweet deal!


Q: How much does it cost?

A: Because we are the best zombie insurance company, and we know we all have different budgets and necessities. We have created a range of policies that start at $1.00 and go up to $5.00 (we know… peace of mind has a price…). But we feel this gives you the option to chose the right policy for you and your loved ones… Don’t fall for the ‘one size fits all’ gimmick!


Q: When do I get my policy and stuff?

A: Well, first we have to verify you are you, send our underwriters out to collect blood samples, send it to the lab, wait 2 weeks to find out if you’re infected already, send you a packet via USPS of 50 pages to sign on your own, send them back (on your dime), we’ll have one of our senior staff read the whole packet, hopefully we don’t need to send it back with corrections, and then if all goes well we’ll fax you your stuff!… Sound all too familiar?…. Well good news: just kidding! WE DON’T WORK LIKE THAT! It’s Zombiesurance! You get your whole packet in a download the second (or two) after you click the ‘purchase’ button! Do you think zombies are gonna wait all that time? Neither did we!


Q: Is there more than meets the eye about this zombie insurance? Any ‘FINE’ print?

A: Not really… No. We keep it clear and simple. Oh wait, there is that one 13 page disclaimer and explanation of benefits document. You can read it by clicking on the shiny red button.  It’s actually quite entertaining. 13 page disclaimer


Q: What’s that about your claims contest?

A: Every month, mid range and higher policy level holders are eligible to enter a made up claim story in 300 words or less which will be featured on our Facebook page and “voted” on by hitting the ‘like’ button and the claim (story) with the most likes will win a $25.00 gift card! So be creative and hurry up too because only the first 20 claims will make it in!


Q: Do you have any other products?

A: YES! We also have some pretty cool SWAG! Scroll down to our featured items section at the bottom of the home page of click on our ‘Shop’ tab and get your shopping done!


Q: Can I buy the policy for someone else?

A: Sure! You can buy a policy for anyone! We suggest you cover yourself first, you know? The whole ‘lead by example’ deal, but yes you can buy a policy for whoever you think would be more likely to get chased by Zombies!