Comprehensive Zombie Insurance

Policy No 2 – Middle Range Coverage

POLICY no.2 Zombiesurance™

Middle Range Coverage
Premium amount for all coverage listed below: $1.99
Coverage is in effect for the term of 1 year from the date of purchase, as listed on the “Certificate of Insurance”.
It is the policy holder’s responsibility to download the Certificate of Insure and to place it where it can be seen by the public. It is also the policy holder’s responsibility to download and print the policy purchased and the “Definitions, Exemptions and Explanation of Coverage”.
All asterisks (*) indicates coverage added to policy no.1 to create policy no.2
The insured is covered against all perils as follows:
Zombie bite:
- Coverage against damages and losses resulting directly from a single bite or multiple bites from a single zombie, as defined in the definitions.

  • Actual bite and breakage of skin and any costs incurred for the treatment of such damage;
  • Infections and the spreading of infections to all parts of the insured’s body;
  • Solitary quarantine;
  • *Extended quarantine (up to 2 years) and any and all costs incurred as a result;
  • *Loss of usefulness; no longer able to contribute to any or all basic human-kind needs.

Hazardous materials contact:
- Coverage against infection as a result of contamination through hazardous material.
- Coverage against transitional phase from living human being to corporal zombification Coverage includes and is solely limited to the following losses insured against:

  • Change of appetite;
  • Communal and lifestyle modifications;
  • Decomposition of the corporal body:
    -Grotesque appearance,
    -Loss of eyes, nose, and/or ears,
    -Note: There is absolutely no coverage for loss of teeth.
    -Loss of normal physical mobility,
    -Loss of normal speech,
    - *Loss of limbs;
  • Excessive weight loss;
  • Bodily Infestation is limited to non-transitional zombification,
  • Skin discoloration,
  • *Pains of rigor mortis.

CAUTION: Please be sure to read the “The Good Samaritan Clause” on page 8 of the definitions exemptions and explanation of coverage.
Property damage:

  • Burial or cemetery plot damage as a result of non-transitional zombification;
  • Household personal property damage.

Health care for detection and/or early stages of suspected infection includes dental care, vision, medical, and Rx (prescription). NOT including, quarantine at any level.
- WARNING: Any insured seeking treatment for health care in detection or early stages of suspected infection may be an indication and/or suspicion of actual infection and is therefore subject to solitary, extended or indefinite quarantine.
Defensive combat against zombie attack liability:

  • Bodily damage to household;
  • Personal Property damage;
  • *Bodily and personal property damage of others outside of insured’s home and household,
  • *Bodily and personal property damage of others.

Zombification Liability:
- Covers against damages and losses outside of the insured’s home and household and all costs incurred as a result of insured’s complete zombification and involvement in any and all zombie attacks.

  • Property damage of others;
  • Bodily damage to others.

Zombie-horde attack:
- Coverage against damages, losses and all costs incurred resulting directly from an attack of a group of more than six zombies, as defined in the definitions.
Storage Depletion:

  • Depletion of food storage;
  • *Restocking of weapons and ammunition.

By purchasing policy no.2, you hereby acknowledge that you have willingly chosen the “middle range coverage” available and all coverage not listed on this policy are available through Policy 3 and through a separate policy of excluded coverage brokered out on this site.

All coverage and protection offered through Zombiesurance™, whether on this policy or not, can be found on the “Definitions and Explanation of Coverage”.Click here to read

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