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Policy on Exclusions – Zombiesurance Plus

POLICY on EXLUSIONS Zombiesurance Plus™

Exclusion Coverage In addition to Policy no.1, 2 or 3
Premium amount for all coverage listed below: $4.99
Coverage is in effect for the term of 1 year from the date of purchase, as listed on the “Certificate of Insurance”.
It is the policy holder’s responsibility to download the Certificate of Insure and to place it where it can be seen by the public. It is also the policy holder’s responsibility to download and print the policy purchased and the “Definitions, Exemptions and Explanation of Coverage”.

The insured is covered against all perils as follows:

Indefinite home and/or pet care for insured under indefinite quarantine:
- Maintenance of primary home, yard and pets while insured is under quarantine outside of the home for an indefinite period of time.

  • Note: There is no such maintenance available for evacuation on any scale.

Zombie infection as a direct result of dark magic:
- Coverage against infection, transition, zombification and complete zombification as a direct result of black magic.
Zombie infection of “biblical proportions”:
- Coverage against the dead rising as a direct result of biblical means or anything stated within the bible or any other religious literature.
The Apocalypse:
- Coverage for survivors of the Apocalypse, despite any belief of the insured or what the outcome of the Apocalypse may be.
- Coverage includes damage to:

  • Home,
  • Auto,
  • Personal property,
  • Corporal body,
  • Change of beliefs,
  • Daily routine and habits,
  • Relocation and travel expenses,
  • Burial of immediate family,
  • Loss of work,
  • Loss of usefulness,
  • Any associated cravings, addictions and emotional trauma,
  • Laboratory work,
  • Testing, and experimental treatments,
  • Ongoing pain,
  • Aches and personal anguish and torment,
  • Learning how to live in a post-apocalyptic environment,
  • Any other life-changing, damaging, costly, and dynamic happening, change or event of a post-apocalyptic nature.

Extended protection against loss of usefulness (in excess of 1 year):
- Only as a direct result of zombification resulting from a zombie bite.
- Coverage is to continue for a period of time extending to the death of the spouse, if still living beyond the death of the insured or until the children of the insured reach the age of 30 years, whichever is longer.
- Coverage against the inability to contribute to:

  • Any or all basic needs of the insured’s family/household,
  • Any and all costs incurred due to the lack the insured’s usefulness.

Health care for detection and/or early stages of zombification and complete zombification:
- Includes medical and Rx (prescription) coverage only.

  • WARNING: Any insured seeking treatment for health care in detection or early stages of suspected infection may be an indication and/or suspicion of actual infection and is therefore subject to solitary, extended or indefinite quarantine.

Bodily damage to company of insured or household of insured:
- Coverage against damage to friendly company as a direct result of a zombie attack, multiple-zombie attack, zombie-horde attack, the Apocalypse, infection, transition, zombification and complete zombification.
It is the policy holder’s responsibility to read and understand the Definitions, Exemptions and Explanations of Coverage” that lists, in greater detail, all coverage on perils of zombie attacks and zombification.Click here to read

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